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Halle Berry Fakes

Halle Berry Fakes - Parody Pics of Halle Berry Nude

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Halle Berry Poses Naked After Taking A Swim
03:12, 2012-Nov-9

This lovely Halle Berry fake features amazing curves of her naked body, still wet and shiny after Halle's taking a swim, or a bath. We may only wish real Halle to have a body which looks as beautiful and tempting as the one she is given there.

halle berry nude fake

Catherine Zeta-Jone wet and in soapsuds and Cameron Diaz going nightswimming in the nude.

Halle Berry BDSM Parody
02:26, 2012-Jan-18

Strapped up pierced nipples, black leather boots and a peaked cap, made of black leather too... No doubt, Halle Berry looks tough and cool in this bdsm-styled fake.


halle berry represented as bdsm mistress


Enjoy more bdsm celebrity parodies featuring hot mistress Katy Perry and sexy Eliza Dushku (both are rather naked than dressed).


Halle Berry Breasts
01:34, 2011-Dec-5

When Halle Berry unbuttoned her shirt, we could see that she wore no bra. Why, a girl must get chances of exposing her breasts without making extra efforts from time to time, and Halle Berry seems to have so beautifully shaped breasts that she does not have to feel embarrassed when showing them off. The more breasts, the better.


halle berry breasts

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Halle Berry Hot
05:59, 2011-Oct-27

We may only guess how cool the studio was where Halle Berry was placed to pose for the camera, but as for the shooting, it felt really hot :)


halle berry hot studio posing


Lindsay Lohan Hot Photo Session

Halle Berry Nude
07:25, 2011-Sep-28

Halle Berry lies in bed, all nude, with the esception for her feet which have lovely-looking socks on. An amazing shot taken from somewhere above. And more! Halle is going to play with her nude pussy. And every little thing she does, she does for you. She's so sweet!..

halle berry posing nude in bed


Halle Berry Nude And Exposed


Halle Berry Ass
00:47, 2011-Sep-1

Halle Berry exposes her curvy ass and pink pussy. The session was so hot that they had to sprinkle Halle with some water to make her cool off a little. No use! The more they shoot, the more excited she got, moaning like a wild cat, ready for anything, asking either for a fat cock penetrate her tight asshole or a chick's mouth to lick on her ass and crotch...

halle berry ass


Alyssa Milano Ass Fake


Halle Berry Sex
00:48, 2011-Aug-17

Halle Berry taking cock in her asshole, or hardcore anal cock riding. It is not surprising if we are surprised when Halle looks surprised with what she is doing herself.

halle berry anal sex


If you prefer blondes, you may compare this Halle Berry sex scene to Paris Hilton enjoying anal sex in the bathroom.

Halle Berry Sexy
21:44, 2011-Jul-19

Some clothes make a woman look sexier than perfect nudity does. And what can be more attractive than a bride wearing a wedding veil? And if that bride has nothing but a veil and a pair of stockings on... Halle Berry does look very sexy in this NovaFake of hers.

Halle Berry Sexy


Cameron Diaz Sexy

Halle Berry Naked
04:57, 2011-Jul-4

halle berry naked

So many attractions for a sole naked woman, even if this woman is Halle Berry... And her exposed boobs here are really something special, drawing your attention at first sight. Only then you take a closer look at her trimmed pussy and elegantly shapes legs.

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Halle Berry Porn
23:29, 2011-Jun-5

halle berry porn

Nova Fake Halle Berry Porn Image featuring Halle Berry lying on her back, pantiless, with her ass and legs stuck up and widely spread. The impressive colored butt and the exposed shaved crotch can be appreciated as pride and joy of any porn actress. As for flexibility, this porn fake Halle Berry deserves praise and admiration faultlessly.

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Halle Berry Boobs
03:33, 2011-May-10

And now, a fake pic that mostly features Halle Berry Boobs theme. Although you may enjoy looking at her pussy, too, these are Halle Berry's boobs that get your eyes fixed. You cannot even call them breasts, they are boobs! A highly desired trophy of each melon hunter.

Jessica Alba Boobs

halle berry boobs

Halle Berry Pussy
23:54, 2011-Apr-17

halle berry pussy


Halle Berry Pussy Fake. One of Nova pussy fakes. They have left a lot of that budy uncovered, though you may see a lot through the transparent fabric. However, they have exposed Halle Berry's pussy, and that is the fact which lets us call this fake image a Halle Berry Pussy fake.

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Halle Berry Butt
02:25, 2011-Apr-1

halle berry buttHalle Berry Butt Fake. Sorry, you will not be able to read the name of Halle Berry's husband on her buttocks, because this gorgeous ass does not actually belong to her. Anyway, the pic is very impressive and does not contradict a popular statement that Halle Berry has got the best butt in Hollywood. And here, this butt is fancied fully-exposed! There may be found some more beautiful butts, too. You may compare this Halle Berry's butt to Eva Longoria's butt, or Charlize Theron's ass, for example. All of them are fakes, but very nice fakes, indeed.


Halle Berry Getting Fucked
01:50, 2011-Mar-18

halle berry getting fuckedFake Halle Berry Getting Fucked. A very hot image featuring famous celeb Halle Berry getting fucked by a white guy. Laughing Halle is lying on her back, stretching her pussy with both hands while she is getting fucked into her asshole. A rather risky hardcore fake presented by Sweet Daddy.

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Halle Berry Nudes
01:28, 2011-Mar-10

halle berry nudesYou should better leave if you are looking for real Halle Berry nude pics, as all the images you are going to see here are fakes. And Halle Berry posing nude in them is not quite herself, only the face is hers, as for the naked bodies, they belong to many other girls and women who do not hesitate long when it comes to undressing before a camera. Anyway, these parody pics may entertain both Halle Berry true fans and common admirers of nudity. Some of these Halle Berry fakes are more 'decent', just showing her naked. Some are really hot, as nude Halle is caught in action, having sex with a guy, or playing with herself. But, we hope, all of them are worth the interest you generally take to nudes.

halle berry nudes


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